Vegas, Baby!

     I've always been a firm believer in maintaining a bucket list.  (Separate post to come.) Getting to Las Vegas some day was in the top ten. So, when we got the chance to go to the land of bright lights, glitz, and glamour for my brother-in-law's birthday celebration, I jumped at the chance.  A bonus (for me) was that fact that we would be flying.  I adore flying. The hubby, not so much.  Let's just say, we've been back a week, and I think he finally unclenched yesterday.  He's a landlubber, that one.

     Lady Luck did not smile on us, but she did smile on a lady playing slots next to us, to the tune of $6,400.00.  So close, but no cigar.  I asked her to rub my arm for good luck, still no.

Pool at Treasure Island Hotel

Statues outside of Caesar Hotel

Part of the "Strip"

An erupting "volcano" outside of the Mirage Hotel

Beautiful ceiling in a Vegas mall

Darth Vader made out of jelly beans. :)

Indoor gondolas at the mall

Paris Hotel

The "Strip" at night

Ha. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

Early, early morning flight coming home

Flying home with the sunrise at my shoulder

     One more thing checked off ye ole' bucket list. :)  Now, on to Italy. Soon. (Hopefully.)

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