Gift Ideas for the Writer in Your Life

'Tis the Season! Still looking for that perfect holiday gift for that writer you know?  Listed below are some fun finds:

  1. Every writer needs a good beverage to keep them company while they slave away. Writer's Tea definitely fits the bill.
  2. For the writer who's feeling stuck, Writer's Emergency Pack offers 26 cards full of ideas.
  3. Need portable ideas while "on the go"? 642 Tiny Ideas to take with you.
  4. A soft, romantic glow is always inspiring. Literary Candles are a fun way to get in the mood to write.
  5. Yet another tool for inspiration, Storymatic Game makes getting ideas painless.
  6. Give her a piece of jewelry that lets her know you understand her passion. Born to Write Necklace.
  7. For a practical gift that will be greatly appreciated, a Voice Recorder makes keeping up with those breakthroughs much easier.
  8. When you just have to lie down and take a break, a comfy Pillow makes it much easier to relax.
  9. One more way to dig up ideas (because a writer can never have too many inspirations), is the Writer's Toolbox.
  10. Last, but not least, a gift certificate for a lovely massage is always appreciated.  Helps bring those shoulders back down from the ears.
I hope these ideas helped you cross someone off your list.  Happy shopping!


  1. That's cute. Are those real things? Great copywriting, Teri.


  2. Thank you! Yep, if you click on the red print for each one, the link will take you to the store to purchase them. I'm ordering the tea and candles. :)

  3. These are great gift ideas Teri! Thanks for putting together this list, I particularly like the candles :)

    1. Glad you liked it. The candles are my favorite too.