Untamed wilderness,
a gift stretched out before me.
Fresh path for my feet,
a quest into the unknown.
Letting go and letting be.

Stay the Course

We are swept along,
the undercurrents of joy.
The smiles in our hearts
carries us forward in life,
as we navigate our fates.


The loneliest road stretched out before her.
Gratitude and boldness flooded her soul at
the uncharted territory that was hers alone.
Out of the gridlock, into the wild, she gladly ventured.
Schedules and deadlines left in the dust under her boots.
Intoxicating uncertainty aligning with the stars.
The year of “yes” starts with a random finger,
closed eyes, and a point on the well-loved map.
Following where the fates wanted to lead her.
Wanderlust layered with nostalgia.
A hungry heart given to fly.


The unfamiliar held a beauty for her,
wooing her with its possibilities.
Courage to dream, its own reward.
Promise of freedom carried on the wind.
Her challenges energized her,
nudging her forward into her future.
Love was not her savior.
(She learned to save herself.)
Although, grit and determination
lent her a hand in her time of need.
Que sera sera at its finest.


  1. Oh Teri...all of them. <3<3<3



  2. These are wonderful Teri, and I think capture the essence of what it means to be free. "Wanderlust layered with nostalgia." This reminds me of my love for my homeland Scotland, as it calls my name. I want to stand on a rugged cliff and let the wild wind blow the dust from my hair.
    Thank you for sharing :)

    1. What a beautiful comment. I can picture it in my mind.