A Heart Denied is Trouble

Sunlight tickles her eyes open,
as soft as a cat’s paw on her face.
A new day invades the room,
intruding light flooding her secluded space.

Gone is the dark in which she hides away.
Darkness, a retreating friend, slipping into day.

Daylight with its expectations and demands,
pulls her from her bed.
Across the room, an empty canvas sits untouched,
filling her troubled heart with dread.

An unsettling blankness staring her in the face,
reflecting the emptiness she feels inside.
When did her heart become so troubled?
When did her heart become a heart denied?

She alone is the author of her story,
No one to blame but herself.
Dreams repeatedly pushed aside,
unexamined dreams put on a shelf.

Each new day offers her a fresh start,
Yet, which path to take?
The possibilities paralyze her with fear,
Deathly afraid of making a mistake.

A heart denied is trouble,
it poisons the soul from within.
It forgets how to hope.

It forgets how to begin.

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