Now and Forever

Gracefully, as that of a rising mist, she hovers,
becoming one with the earthly night.
Neither bones, nor flesh impede her.
A gossamer being come to light.

Patiently, she watches for her beloved,
memories of her mortal life now a distant ache.
Cruelly forced to leave their world behind.
All tomorrows with him, forced to forsake.

Their love for one another, as promised,
did transcend the heartless cleaving of death.
A heartbreaking longing for his lover,
torments him until his last breath.

Suddenly, his figure appears on the pathway,
solemnly making his way to his darling’s tombstone.
Her spirit weeps upon seeing the beauty of his face.
Emotions swirling about her, the wind begins to moan.

In the rustling of the trees,
she calls to him from the beyond.
She caresses his hair with the wind.
Her desire for him an unbreakable bond.

A shiver runs through him,
as the wind gathers speed,
He swears he can feel her there,
As if her beautiful spirit is suddenly freed.

His love rises and surrounds her,
touching her with its light.
He says his final goodbye,
and disappears into the night.

Love surpassing worldly measure,
for now and forever.

~ Teri Liptak ~

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