Song of the Sea

Warm sand beneath my bare feet.
Ragged old quilt folded up as my seat.

Watching the sea birds with envy,
Effortless flight, without care.
Oh, to spread my wings,
wings to take me anywhere.

Knees pulled into my chest, rocking with the waves,
The wind’s fingers lift and toss my hair,
tickling my nose, refusing to behave.

Clouds blowing in, a storm is on its way.
A darkness builds on the horizon,
Golden light turns to gray.

The crashing of the waves, reflecting my mood.
They rise, they fall, high and low.
The song of the sea, a beautiful interlude.

The smell of sea brine hangs in the air,
its familiar perfume, medicinal somehow,
a soothing balm to my wounded soul.
Deep breath, breathing it in, being aware.

Notebook in hand, my fingers begin to sketch,
Unleashing what’s inside me, putting it to paper.
Tension melts away, as my mind begins to stretch.

The sea once again has gifted me with her grace,
A gentle reminder to slow down life’s pace.

I am happy now, having spent time on her shore,
I am happy now, being with that, which I adore.

~ Teri Liptak ~

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  1. thanks for the comment. love the imagery in this piece!