No Need to Say Goodbye

Wildflowers in field

I am in the birdsong on the wind,
I am in the whisper of the butterfly’s wing,
I am in the star of silver that jets across the night sky,
I am in the shadow of the new moon,
I am in the reflection of light that dances across the ceiling,
I am in the bubble of laughter from the happy baby,
I am in the outstretched hand of a stranger,
I am in the downpour of the quick summer storm.

I am in the soft gurgle of the river as it flows,
I am in the songs of the gentle giants of the sea,
I am in the foamy break of the waves,
I am in the rhythm, patterns, coincidences, and signs,
I am in the caress of the breeze against your cheek,
I am in the burst of movement of the crisp, fallen leaves,
I am in the syrupy warmth of the first summer night,
I am in the deep glow of the flickering firelight.

I am in the wildflower on the overgrown country path,
I am in the stillness of the silence,
I am in the energy of the joyful noise,
I am in the awakening you embrace,
I am in the lovely moments that comfort you.

I am no longer bound inside a cage of bones
in this flesh and blood world.
I am of earth and sky, my spirit free to dance along the golden horizon
and nest in the deepest blue of the galaxies.
A season unto itself.

Still, my spirit nestles in your tender heart.
Sustained by your smiles and blessed by your laughter.
Kept alive in your memories until we meet again upon the fulfillment of time.


  1. Wow. Thank you for your words. They brought a bittersweet moment back to me.

  2. Expressed beautifully. Glad you're writing with us at OctPoWriMo.

    1. So glad I found your site. Lots of inspiration.

  3. Wow this is a profoundly moving piece and the ending is just gorgeous!

  4. meet again in the fulfillment of time- lovely

  5. A lovely list poem that leads me to that celebration of all of life -- and love. Thank you for sharing with OctPoWriMo.