Will She or Won't She?

Ray of sunlight

He sits on the cracked stoop brooding, expecting nothing at all.
The jagged blocks that make up the city fade away
as he sees her face, one in a crowd on 14th Street.
Filmy white sundress topped with a faded denim jacket.
The wild falling of her crimson hair threaded with stars.
Pink-cheeked girl. Curlicues and heart-dotted i’s.
She appears as summer’s child barefoot and free,
chasing his winter from him.
A deep wave carries him to shore
after the struggle to stay afloat.
Unwilling to watch this goddess go as sand,
slipping through his fisted hand,
he unfolds and follows, every nerve on fire.
Romance in the swell of her hips.
He shadows her step, by step, by step.
Hoping for a touch of the sun he remembers well,
before his life of shadow began.
Hope perches in his heart,
a softening that fills the void.
Will it be yes or no?

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