"The Long Road" Wins an Honorable Mention in the Lorian Hemingway Contest

 I'm thrilled to announce that my story "The Long Road" won an Honorable Mention in the Lorian Hemingway Short Story Contest. Lorian is the granddaughter of literary giant, Ernest Hemingway and was one of the judges.

The story was based on the lyrics of the song by the same name written by Eddie Vedder (my muse) and played by Pearl Jam.

My "Wistful Thinking" Flash Fiction Featured in Writer's Digest Magazine

 Absolutely thrilled to have won the Flash Fiction Contest featured in the Nov./Dec. issue of Writer's Digest Magazine. Thanks to the editors, friends, and family that voted. 

My essay, "Thank You, Mr. Rogers, is included in Living on Covid Time. A thoughtful anthology that contains moving stories from women all over the country sharing their experiences and thoughts during the pandemic. It's available at Amazon. com and Barnes and Noble. 

Writer's Digest Flash Fiction Finalist

 I'm thrilled to be one of the five finalists for Writer's Digest magazine's current flash fiction contest. You look at a photo prompt and submit your story of 650 words or less. The editors pick five of the submissions for the readers to vote on. My story is "Wishful Thinking", and it was fun to write. Tally Sullivan just walked right onto the page and started talking. LOL! 

Thank you, WOW - Women on Writing

 I'm honored that my flash fiction piece placed in the Top Ten at Wow - Women on Writing. You can read the story here:

Under the Stars

A Walk at Nightfall

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Bible in hand, a solitary soul bellows his message of gloom.
His words are thorns that pierce the stillness
until the last scrap of daylight slips away and,
he disappears into the darkness.

Then, a radiant night, wrapped in peace.
Colored lights wink red, green, and blue from rooftops,
festive along the almost empty, narrow pathway.
Giant candy canes and toy soldiers greet us.
Plastic sentinels of Christmas cheer.

A crisp winter chill kisses our cheeks.
Children’s voices ring in the air.
Bells of energy and freedom.
Their joy loud and contagious.
We stroll along, calling out greetings.

Naked windows of cozy homes dressed
in their holiday finest reveal merrymakers in good cheer,
cocktails in hand.
Their warmth beckons to passersby.  

May every dark night 
have its cheerful golden light,
to chase away the gloom.

Remember this. Live it.

Teri Liptak


I am . . .
   the sacred
    the profane,
    the hello
    the goodbye,
    a truth
    a lie,
Again and again. In one breath.
A delicate balance of the human equation.
In the sight of heaven


T. Liptak